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Tools for Success

A Flute

All students will need an instrument in good working order.  Some of our preferred brands are Yamaha, Azumi, and Jupiter.  There are many other brands of flutes that play very well in addition to these. We strongly recommend that you talk with us before renting or purchasing an instrument.

Music Stand

All students must have a music stand for practicing at home. Inexpensive folding stands are ok, but we highly recommend spending the extra money for a Manhasset Music Stand. These durable and stable stands are much easier to use and will last a lifetime!

Music Books

We will give each student a list of music books and sheet music they need for their lessons. From Disney solos to classical concertos, we will help students find music that is engaging, challenging, and exciting.


These handy practice tools are inexpensive and can be found at your local music store. We suggest getting one that has both metronome and tuner functions.  If you prefer, you can find free online tuners and metronomes for your computer and phone.


We use a notebook each week in lessons to keep track of our progress. Students should refer to each week’s notes before every practice session to remind them of the skills they need to focus on throughout their practice.


Practice is very personal and the amount that each student practices varies greatly depending on age, level, and their musical goals. Generally, we recommend that students practice at least four times a week and that each practice session be equal in length to that of their lesson time. Practice time shouldn’t be limited though – don’t let this basic practice guide hold you back from practicing more! Love what you do and do what you love!